Landscaping, be it for residential, industrial or commercial properties, is serious business. For Sparks residents, beyond the beauty and aesthetic angle, there are longer-term implications associated with doing a great job of your landscaping. These include enhancing property values and providing cost-effective service value for money.

It is in this context that choosing the right Sparks landscaping company is even more critical. Merely choosing a landscaper near your property may not be the best approach.

Finding the Right Landscaper

You might come across landscaping companies offering “spectacular” landscaping deals during the summer months. Typically, you might even see those offers prefaced with comments like: Don’t delay…Act now! Or: Why think about doing it – just do it! The subliminal messaging here is: Don’t bother to check us out – just give us your contract and (hopefully!) we’ll take care of the rest.

Well, that might work if this was a new newspaper stand or burger joint asking Sparks residents to give them a try. But when it comes to choosing a Sparks landscaping company to work on your property, it’s different. Here’s why:

  • Landscaping contracts are costly – so, you’d like to take time knowing who it is whom you are giving your money to
  • Landscaping features are longer-lasting – they can’t easily be undone (it’ll cost you to press “reset” once the landscapers are done!)
  • When not well-thought out, landscaping elements, such as water features and brick or wooden structures, may compromise existing property features – like foundations, walls or an idealized view

There’s even more urgency to finding the right landscaper when it involves Sparks city, Washoe county or Nevada state-wide regulations and bylaws are involved. For instance, using an unlicensed Sparks landscaper may require residents and business owners to undo building or construction projects – on their own dime. And planting invasive species plants, not on the Federal or State authorized lists, might open you to penalties and fines.

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Proceed With Caution

It’s convenient (and tempting!) to pick a service provider near you. However, before assigning a contract to a Sparks landscaping company, make sure you proceed with caution. Here’s a check list to use as part of your diligence process:

  • Know what you’re looking for: Plan what you want your landscaping vision is, and only then discuss it with a professional landscaper. “Planning” doesn’t need to be down to the last bush or shrub – but knowing what you are looking for must be top of that list!
  • Doing your homework: It all starts with great research. Find out all you can about potential landscapers in your area – not just the ones next door or around the corner. Understand what their skills are, and assess if they have the expertise to deliver what you are looking for
  • Verify what you know: Ask for references. Check reviews and comments from past clients. If possible, visit some sites where the landscaper’s handiwork is on display
  • Be flexible: Be willing to work with proposals and options offered by the professionals. They know what will support your vision, and what might turn it into a nightmare!

Follow these steps and you’re sure to find a Sparks landscaping company that’ll turn your vision to reality. And that’s exactly we, here at Legacy Landscaping excel at.