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We use only the best landscaping materials and supplies to manage our clients highly prized properties in Tahoe. We strive to use certified organic soil, compost, fertilizers and plants with every landscape project.

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Your family, friends and pets matter to us… your happiness and health are included in our mission to provide the absolute best landscaping services.


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Incline Village Lake Tahoe affords some of the worlds most beautiful landscapes. We value and respect Lake Tahoe by only using the safest and most organically sourced lawn care supplies.

Protecting the natural habitat of the North Tahoe region for generations.

Incline Village is a census-designated place (CDP) on the north shore of Lake Tahoe in Washoe County, Nevada, United States. The population was 8,777 at the 2010 census.[1] It is part of the Reno−Sparks Metropolitan Statistical Area. Until the 2010 census, the CDP Crystal Bay, Nevada was counted jointly with Incline Village.

Sierra Nevada University’s main campus is located in Incline Village. It has some of the most expensive real estate in the United States.[2]


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Best Landscaping Company near Incline Village

As a resident of Incline Village, your property is your haven – whether it’s a residence, business, commercial or industrial property. You always want it to look the best, and that’s why you take pride in its landscaping, lawns and gardens. And, to ensure the value of your property continues to appreciate, you should only work with the best Incline Village Landscapers.

Shop Around for the Best Incline Village Landscapers

Shopping around is encouraged, not just for gardening and landscaping services, but for everything you intend to spend money on. But when searching for landscapers online, resist the temptation of “going broad” – like entering a query that asks for “Incline Village Landscapers”. This will cast a rather wide net, and make further negotiations and discussions an up-hill task.

Instead, be very specific in how you shop for prospective landscapers. A great strategy would include adding the Area-code in your query: “Best Landscaping Company near Incline Village, NV 89451”. In this type of query, you’ve tapped into multiple advantages of the online shopping process:

  • “Best” will tell search engines to sniff out online reviews and client ratings for “Best” or 5-stars or thumbs-up rankings
  • “Incline Village” will further narrow that search to a specific region; And
  • …adding the postal code gives you a list of professionals delivering services for landscaping in Incline Village NV within your neighborhood

Why be so specific as to include an area code? Well, most home or business owners, looking for exceptional landscapers, don’t have the time or patience to sift through a list of 500+ prospective candidates. Casting too wide a query might give you just that – 500+ names. On the other hand, you don’t want to be overly specific either:

Querying for “Best Landscaping Company near Incline Village, NV 89451 specializing in water features, ponds and artificial aquatic landscaping” might not be an effective way to shop for the best in the business. While search engines are excellent at seeking out and finding very specific queries, they might not provide you (specifically!) what you want in this case.

The downside of being overly specific in your search query is that you might end up with two or three hopeful candidates meeting your exact criteria. Even though some of the best Incline Village landscapers routinely create stunning aquatic elements for clients, overly specific online shopping could exclude them from your list of prospective service providers.

The middle-of-the-road compromise is to run a query for “Best Landscaping Company near Incline Village, NV 89451“. Then, when you’ve whittled your list down to a manageable number of candidates, you can (and must!) be very specific about what you want.

Why Shop Around for the Best?  

You may find some Incline Village landscapers prefer to work exclusively on larger landscaping projects, However, sometimes, residents and businesses in Incline Village may not have sprawling 500-yard lawns or back/front yards to work with. To find the best landscaping company to meet your needs may take some shopping around – and it will be worth the effort!

  • Call multiple professionals and ask if they would be willing to take on a project of your size. This will give you a sense of what professional services are available within your neighborhood
  • Consider expanding the scope – just a little bit – to make it worth the landscapers while. For instance, instead of just having the lawn reseated/re-seeded, throw in a gravelling or yard clearing task as well. It’ll not only get the interest of smaller companies offering services for landscaping in Incline Village NV; but it may also spruce up your entire property in the process
  • Shopping around for choices might give you multiple project ideas worth considering – some within your budget, some way above. You can then use those ideas and pitch them to other hopefuls on our list. However, the best landscapers will typically examine each idea or proposal that clients put forward. Your shopping around might also lead to a landscaper suggesting alternate proposals that get you significantly similar value (to your own proposals) at an affordable price
  • Not all Incline Village landscapers that you connect with might have great communications skills – likely because they are “artists” and not primarily “communications” experts. Nonetheless, good communication is essential for the success of your landscaping project. Speaking with multiple prospects gives you the opportunity to assess each of them to see which one is the best fit for your communication style
  • Not every landscaper within your neighborhood might be proficient in the services you specifically need for your project. Even narrowing the search with queries like “Best Landscaping Company near Incline Village, NV 89451 for aquatic features” might not provide you a single company that delivers it all. Shopping around enables you to tap multiple contractors that specialize in specific aspects of the project

The alternate to not shopping around is to simply work with any company providing services for landscaping in Incline Village NV, without evaluating whether they meet specific criteria for your project. The risk, in working with the “no shopping around” approach is that you might not have access to a pool of the best Incline Village landscapers to pick from.


The Art of Working with The Best Landscapers

Shopping around for the best and evaluating them for good-fit for your landscaping project, is part art and part science. The science comes in knowing what types of features you want on your property – perennials, annuals, tropical plants, clay soil, sand soil. One might ask: But isn’t it the job of the landscaper to tell you this? Yes – agreed! But having some rudimentary knowledge of the science that’ll drive your project makes it easier to communicate with service providers of landscaping in Incline Village NV.

So, what is the “art”? The art comes in ensuring you get the most from your association with the best in the business!

  • Go prepared: Right from that first contact – which may be an email, a phone call, a video meeting or a face-to-face session – be prepared with the knowledge of what you want.
  • Document it all: Even before the first session, it’s good strive to give the Incline Village landscapers you talk to, a clear picture of what you want. And to do that, you must be clear in your own mind what it is you are looking for in your landscaping project. Sharing your documentation often helps the best landscapers to come prepared with practical proposals – including time and cost estimates – during follow-up discussions
  • Look further – if necessary: Querying for “Best Landscaping Company near Incline Village, NV 89451” will clearly restrict which landscapers you have on your prospective service provider list. However, if you can’t find what you are looking for within area code NV 89451– in terms of skills and specialties required for your project – you may need to look further afield.
  • Be flexible in scoping your project: We touched briefly on this one earlier, where you might need to expand or change the scope of work envisioned for your needs. When you work with the best professionals for landscaping in Incline Village NV, they may use your project scoping plans to also recommend complementary and ancillary work they might help you with. Be open to reviewing those proposals: Would it be efficient and cost-effective for you to expand your scope, or is it best to defer those extension/expansion plans and have the team revisit your site to deal with them?
  • Insist on protecting yourself: Since you only want to work with the best, you must insist on best practices in finding and choosing the best! The best Incline Village landscapers are those that are fully insured and/or bonded and have licensed credentials. To protect your interests, before discussing a contract with the landscaper, insist on seeing proof of both insurance and credentials.
  • Formalize it all: If this is a relatively small job, like planting a few bushes around your backyard, then a simple letter of understanding might work. However, the best professionals for landscaping in Incline Village NV typically insist on extensive formal contracts when dealing with larger, more complex, assignments. If required, you should consider having your own legal representative review the contract before finalizing the deal.

You’re all done with the “art” – but here are a few parting thoughts.

A search query of the “best landscaping company near Incline Village, NV 89451” will likely have multiple names. Before you choose one of them to work on your project, ask for references. Because you queried a specific area code – NV 89451 – you’ll expect to see a few clients in that neighborhood. If you do not see any, that may be a flag to ask why?

If a contractor hesitates to provide licensing details – that’s a red flag! It’s always a good practice to start your vetting process by querying the Nevada State Contractors Board (NSCB) licensing database. Avoid working with any contractors that might have disciplinary action against them. Only the best Incline Village Landscapers are fully accredited and in good standing on that database.

And finally, some of the best landscapers will never insist (or agree to!) you pay in cash. Neither will they agree to providing invoices without taxes or other levies included. If a contractor does offer to receive payment under such circumstances, you should consider lodging a complaint with the NSCB.


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Luxury landscaping company, Legacy Landscaping US, provides personalized landscaping services in the Incline Village and Tahoe areas.