A World of Landscaping Ideas for Your Incline Village Properties

When it comes to landscaping design, not all properties across Incline Village are the same. Some are large plots, while others are smaller. Some may have existing landscaping features that owners hate to part with, while others are a blank canvas for the landscaper to let their imagination run wild. Regardless of the size, shape or constraints, consulting with an experienced Incline Village landscaping company may result in some amazing landscapes for your property.

Large Space Landscaping Options

When it comes to large spaces – the sky is the limit! Experienced Incline Village landscapers have a wealth of tools in their toolboxes to unleash and bring a landscaping vision to life.

Because the canvas is so expansive, they can build amazing landscapes using features such as stone, grass, cobbled pathways, tiled spaces, trees, shrubs, bushes…and a lot more. Typically, the approach is to break-up the space into segments, and use unique features to give each area a character of its own.

Small Space Landscaping Options

While you may think that Incline Village residents and business owners with small free spaces are out of luck in the landscaping department – you’d be wrong! Hiring a professional Incline Village landscaping company can open-up a world of small space landscaping opportunities for you:

  • LEVEL IT UP: Use your small space to create multiple levels – like decks on a small luxury liner. Then, treat each level as a different “room”, where you implement unique landscaping elements. Grass on one level, stone garden on the next, water fountain on the highest. It all comes together nicely once everything is well-integrated.
  • CONTAIN IT: If levels don’t appeal to you, then try using colorful containers to produce a structured garden. Each container may hold different elements, such as color-combined flowers, veggies, midget bushes and even miniature trees. The advantage of container-inspired landscaping is that you can quickly rearrange your landscape to suit your mood.
  • ROCK THINGS UP: If all else fails, just stack a few rocks, boulders and bricks around the space – some of them neatly arranged, others made to look like a natural rockfall – and then plant some crevice plants and colorful succulents between the rocks. Once the plants start growing out, neatly flowing over the rocks, it’ll add layer and depth to your entire rocky arrangement!

Circular Space Landscaping Ideas

Even though some Incline Village businesses and residents may not be space constrained, the geography of their backyards, front yards or plots might preclude using rocks, boulders or containers for landscaping. Circular gardening might be one option to consider in such situations.

Incline village landscaping ideas flowers

SOURCE: https://www.ames.com/projects/building-a-circular-garden-bed/


The idea here is to give accent to certain features – natural or man-made – on your property, by creating depth and texture around them. These features might be a stately oak tree, a lamp post or a pillar – it doesn’t really matter. If you wish to make that feature the center of attraction on the property, then a savvy Incline Village landscaping company should be able to make that happen.

Landscaping Dome Right

While these landscaping features are achievable and practical for any space in Incline Village, it takes the right landscaper to implement them with flair and finesse. Each landscaping project is unique, and requires taking into consideration available space and existing landscaping features. Working with an experienced Incline Village landscaping company will ensure you receive great value for your investment, while also turning your landscaping vision to reality.