Concrete Design Ideas

Today’s concrete flooring solutions aren’t just restricted to hospital white floors, or the dull gray asphalt look of a lazy street. Modern concrete designers can take that dull-looking floor, and add color, texture, depth and dimension to floors, and bring them to life in any environment.

It’s not just the depth and breadth of concrete design ideas that makes concrete the flooring of choice for many property owners, be they residential, industrial, commercial or municipal use.  Part of the allure of designing an attractive concrete floor is longevity.  Many appealing things are dainty and fragile – they’re beautiful to look at, but not rugged. Striking concrete floors are just the opposite.


Concrete flooring is both practical and functional. And, depending on the experience and expertise of your decorative concrete design team, the sky is the limit for the level of sophistication property owners can build into their concrete floors.  High-end dining establishments typically love reflective flooring. It gives the establishment a nouveau look that enriches a customers’ experience each time they dine there. And homeowners who pride that polished/marbled look in their floors, can now get concrete floor solutions that deliver just that.

And then, there’s microtopping, which is the icing on a floor of cake! Great for commercial use, the toppings can be made to mimic decorative designs. It doesn’t matter how your floor looked before. By the time your concrete design experts are done, you could be looking at a revived floor that resembles stone, wood, marble or high-end granite. While aesthetically appealing, microtopping is ideal for delivering long-term floor protection…which brings us to great cost-effective concrete design ideas.


Today’s concrete designs aren’t just things of beauty. They’re cost-effective to implement and maintain. A concrete resurfacing application can quickly transform a “tired-looking” home or business, for a fraction of the cost it might take to rip out the old floor and re-install a new one from scratch. And, unlike hardwood or vinyl flooring, which buckle and wobble from weight, moisture or heat, well-designed floor restoration application lasts for decades, and requires less ongoing repair and maintenance than synthetic wooden floors.