If you are a home or business owner in Sparks, NV, chances are that you too are “property proud”. Taking pride in your lawn, garden, backyard, and front flower beds is natural. Your landscaping is probably the first feature that family, relatives, staff, visitors, and guests see, and comment on. So, you’d naturally want those features to be ever present. Unfortunately, many Sparks properties lack those “forever” landscapes. That’s because they’re either hastily designed, or never maintained. Experienced Sparks Nevada Landscapers can help turn them around.

Working With Our Climate

To breathe renewed life to your home and business, a great landscaping company can change many features of your landscape. From the types of grasses and plants it holds, to brick and wooden structures it houses, landscapers can dramatically transform them to add a perpetually refreshing look to the property. However, there are three constants that professional Sparks Nevada Landscapers have limited control over:

  • Climate
  • Soil
  • Water

Varying temperatures, low humidity, moisture-sapping, gusty parched winds, and highly calcareous soil, provide little room for many DIY gardeners and property owners to create “forever” landscaping features. These conditions act as major obstacles to flourishing plant life. Blowing sand and high, dry winds also take their toll on landscaping structures, such as fences and gazebos.

If you own property in Sparks, NV, unless you’re knowledgeable about the local climate and local plants and trees, it isn’t easy to create landscapes that last forever. “Forever” landscapes only occur when designed as such. It takes experience and expertise to work with a microclimate and produce self-sustaining, long-lasting landscapes.

Understanding What’s Needed

Experienced Sparks Nevada Landscapers, who know the area well, know how to manipulate the three variables (climate, soil, and water) based on each landscaping requirement. They’ll typically survey the area first, and then, in consultation with home and property owners, carefully select features for each landscaping project. These might include:

  • Succulents
  • Perennials
  • Evergreens
  • Rock gardens

Depending on the type of layout, and the desired features of the landscape, a professional landscaper may also recommend plant boxes, which a homeowner may relocate around the property each season to take best advantage of seasonal climate. Additional features, such as rain barrels and other “clever” irrigation features may help in building a self-sustaining landscaping ecosystem.

Sparks Nevada Landscapers can also design landscapes that residents can use as multipurpose outdoor space. For example, shrubbery and potted plants add character to any outdoor space, while also offering privacy from neighboring homes or buildings. Trellised climbing vines, located against retaining walls, are yet another easily-to-maintain feature for any “forever” landscape.

Design Before Planting

The one mistake, that most DIY landscapers make, is to “plant as you go”. This leads to a series of unsustainable features across the property. They also require constant maintenance, and might only be seasonal in nature. To ensure you create your low-maintenance, “forever” outdoor space, professional landscapers work with clients to determine priorities, such as less maintenance, low cost, irrigation-friendliness, and seasonal or perennial ambiance. They’ll then recommend the most appropriate low maintenance design features, including mulch, soil, and fertilizers, that keep the landscape perpetually “in season”.