Know What You Want: Backyard Landscaping Tips and Cautions

Many Sparks residents have great backyard spaces – or acreage behind the property that serves as extensions to the main body of the home. Often, all that’s created back there is a slab of concrete or an expanse of grass. There’s so much potential to turn your backyard into your personal Paradise retreat. But before you get digging (or hire someone to do so on your behalf), speak with a professional Sparks landscaping company. You might pick up some invaluable tips and ideas from the pros.

It’s All About a Plan

Motivational speakers always encourage their audiences to “Think of the end result”, and then plan how to achieve it. And that’s exactly what applies to planning a backyard reno project. Unfortunately, the minute you close your eyes and visualize a gorgeous lawn, a center fountain with a gushing pond, plenty of colorful plants and bushes and a shady nook in the corner – you tend to forget the plan.

Resist your first instinct to immediately dash to the gardening store to pick up supplies. Instead, consider these backyard do-over planning tips first:

  • Know Your Backyard: Measure the space. Check out where water mains run, electrical cabling lay buried, or foundational elements intersect with other features on the property. Make special note of how much sunlight you get back there, where, for how long, and where are the shady parts. This information is essential to share with your Sparks landscaping company when choosing plants, shrubs and bushes.


  • Know the Users: From children and pets, to seniors, friends, business acquaintances and party guests – who uses your backyard impacts what elements and features you plan for it. For instance, if you and your family frequently host large outdoor gatherings, then fewer structures (ponds, bird baths, water fountains) and more open space (walkways, cobbled space, stone/tiled expanses) may be in order.


  • Know Your Budget: Backyard landscaping is best when maintained. Once finished, your backyard will require frequent upkeep and maintenance. Depending on the features you and your Sparks landscaping company opt for, think what it might cost for power (lighting, water pumps, sprinkler systems), soil, sod and mulch, and about mowing, pruning and grooming. Opting for only a few green spots, with lots of sand or cobbled areas may cost less to maintain. Using hardy plants and bushes (cacti, succulents, lithops, desert rose) may cut-down on watering costs.


  • Know What the Future Holds: Just because a plant looks good in a pot, doesn’t mean it’s right for your landscaping needs. How tall will it grow once you plant it outside your window? How fast will it grow? Will its growth damage other structures – electric cables, sheds, lamp standards? Once grown, will it obstruct light, air, views? Do you envision adding home features that might require uprooting it, relocating it or cutting it down?


Executing the Plan

Once you have a good idea about what you want in your backyard, and how those features might evolve over time, it may be a good idea to consult a local Sparks landscaping company before turning your vision into reality.  They’ll bring additional knowledge and experience – about climate, soil conditions, building and construction…and much more – to ensure you are able to enjoy a stress-free backyard landscaping experience.