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How to hire a trustworthy Landscaping company in Incline Village Tahoe

It’s often said that 50% of the appeal in a property, be it residential, commercial, industrial or government-owned, comes from the exterior. And almost 99% of that exterior appeal comes from the gardens, lawns, trees, hedges and bushes that form the properties landscaping. And that’s no different for properties in Incline Village Tahoe. If you are a property owner, a service provider of first class landscaping in Sparks NV can transform how your property is viewed by onlookers.

Landscaping done well doesn’t only improve curb appeal, it often brings aesthetic peace of mind to residents and visitors, and can dramatically increase property values. But gorgeous landscaping takes dedication and hard work. And unless you have full trust in the abilities of your landscaper, it’s unlikely that your landscaping project will end in success.

Weighing the trust factor

Finding a trustworthy professional in Incline Village Tahoe, with experience in landscape maintenance in Sparks NV, isn’t solely about dollars and cents – i.e., what they charge you for their services, and can you trust their estimates. The trust factor goes beyond the monetary aspect of that relationship. Think of a trusted bond between property owners and landscapers in similar terms as one you might have with your doctor or your car mechanic: If you can’t trust their advice, their judgement or their recommendations, then you’re better off finding yourself a new service provider!

And, while you might come across many landscape contractors in Sparks NV that use the “trust” card indiscriminately – on their websites, their social media pages and even on their trucks! – it’s incumbent upon you, the property owner, to establish whether that trust is justified.

There are many factors that require closer review before you hire a trustworthy Landscaping company in Incline Village Tahoe. Most importantly though, is the fact that you go in with an objective mindset. Trust…but verify!

Trust built upon knowledge and experience

It’s important that you fully trust the landscape contractors in Sparks NV that you use for your landscaping and gardening projects. That’s because they – and not you! – are the subject matter experts. They tell you what’s good and not so good about specific aspects of landscaping in Sparks NV, and they know a lot more about it than home or business owners do. So, unless you place your trust fully and completely in their knowledge, you shouldn’t consider working with them in the first place. It’s a trust built on their knowledge.

When looking to hire a trustworthy landscaping company in Incline Village Tahoe, their knowledge of the eco system in and around Tahoe counts a lot in adding to that trust factor we talked about earlier. Almost any landscaper can walk into your home and business to advise you about custom landscaping in Sparks NV. But that knowledge doesn’t count for much unless it involves specific elements appropriate to Incline Village Tahoe. And that’s where you can tell experience from theoretical knowledge.

Don’t get me wrong: Being intimately familiar with the theory of what does and doesn’t work for front lawns or backyard landscaping in Sparks NV, is vital to the success of your landscaping project. That theoretical knowledge is the foundation upon which other elements of landscaping advice and strategy will be built. However, knowing the area in and around Incline Village Tahoe, and having first-hand experience in the area is also equally essential.

One particularly relevant fact, which an experienced landscaper might take into consideration, is the environmental impact that that Lake Tahoe has on landscaping decisions. A trusting provider of landscaping services in Sparks NV should be able to take into account the deterioration in the Lake’s water quality over the past 50-years. They should therefore openly and transparently discuss what the implications of that ecological fact are.

Instead of reassuring clients, that want hundreds of yards of open lawns, of an “endless supply of healthy, safe and clean water”, honesty must prevail. The depleting water levels of Lake Tahoe[1] mean that a trusted provider of services for custom lawn and landscape Sparks NV likely recommends design options that are more maintenance-friendly. Perhaps recommending smaller and more nature-friendly lawns over sprawling mega lawns that’ll require plenty of water and might be overly expensive to maintain.

Landscaping knowledge, specifically about Incline Village Tahoe and its surroundings, and experience handling both residential and commercial landscaping in Sparks NV, are integral to choosing a trustworthy partner.

Looking for trustworthy landscapers in Incline Village Tahoe

Good landscaping delivers more than just aesthetic appeal to the homes, businesses and properties they form part of. Psychologists[2] and health experts agree that, surrounded by greenery and well-maintained landscapes and gardens provides unimaginable health and wellness benefits. If you employ a large workforce on your premises in or around Incline Village Tahoe, professional landscaping can help boost productivity and improve employee morale. Well-maintained gardens, lawns and landscapes at residences deliver similar health and wellness benefits to residents.

However, not all landscaping companies in Sparks NV might deliver those advantages and benefits to you. But, because of what’s at stake, it’s important to take time to look for trustworthy and dependable landscapers. And here’s how you can start that search:

  • What you shouldn’t do

The one thing that you shouldn’t do, if you’re looking to hire a trustworthy professional, is just hire someone whose been cruising around in a landscaping truck in and around your neighborhood. Many of those individuals are “casual” landscapers that typically work as one-person outfits. They might have all the skills and knowledge of landscaping – but if you’re looking for dependable, trustworthy landscape companies in Sparks NV, with a history and track record of success in and around Incline Village Tahoe, then you don’t want one-person “teams”.

Another thing you don’t want to do is just go online and type “landscapers near me sparks nv” in your browser, and then hope for the best. Sure, that will give you a starting point to curate your list of prospective landscapers. But you still must be prepared to interview, vet and assess each potential candidate further.

  • Understand what you want

Trust is a 2-way street – you must walk down it to meet someone walking up it! And that’s how most reliable landscaping companies in Sparks NV operate. Before you engage with a professional landscaper, make sure you understand what your needs are. The best way to do that is to put it down on paper. It doesn’t have to be an accurate blueprint of the ultimate end state of your landscape. Nor does it have to be an architectural drawing that’s made to scale.

The idea is to sketch things out in broad strokes so you can have an honest and transparent discussion with a landscaping contractor in Sparks NV. This open communication sets the stage for collaboration and building trust. Understanding what you want not only helps you articulate your needs; it also helps the landscaping company fairly and accurately build time and cost estimates to fulfil your vision. Your transparency, in turn, builds trust with the landscaper.

  • Communication is key

Trust is all about communication. So, when you’re looking to hire a landscaper for your property in Incline Village Tahoe, make sure you can communicate openly and transparently with them. And, along with clarity of messaging, you should look for timeliness and tone. You can’t build trust in someone if they don’t respond promptly, or if they are impatient or belligerent in their communications with you.

  • Assessing them for trustworthiness

Typically, that first conversation about your landscaping needs, be it in-person or online via video call, establishes a trustworthiness baseline. After that initial (or three…if it’s a complex project) interaction/s, you and the landscaper both walk away with a “gut feeling” about each other. Like you (the client) anyone operating a professional landscaping business in Sparks NV is looking only to work with bona fide clients – and not someone that’s only “shopping for ideas” to use as leverage with some other landscaping company.

So, once you’ve successfully conveyed your requirements to the contractor, you must ensure you understand as much as you can about them and their business:

  1. How long have they operated in the Sparks, NV area?
  2. What do they know about landscaping in Incline Village Tahoe?
  3. Do they have a physical presence (office), or do they just operate through a website and social media?
  4. Can you see an online portfolio of their projects?

Usually, the trust factor in a company providing custom care landscaping in Sparks NV goes well beyond just giving them a sketch of your landscaping needs, and expecting them to turn that into reality. Certainly, that’s one aspect of building trust. More importantly, as a property owner, you want that bond to be longer-lasting than just a single project. A holistic landscaping service provider – one that provides additional services, such as lawn care, hardscaping, property cleanups, paving and concrete services, should rank high-up on the trust factor. Why?

Because once they have delivered your initial landscaping needs, you typically want to maintain that relationship with your landscaper. There’ll be additional service requirements in the future. And, unless you have complete trust and faith in their abilities, it’s likely that when you’re looking for a vendor to help with subsequent landscaping clean up in Sparks NV, you may have to go through the selection process all over again!




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Sparks is a city in Washoe County, Nevada, United States. It was founded in 1904, incorporated on March 15, 1905, and is located just east of Reno. The 2019 U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey population count was 105,006.[3] It is the fifth most populous city in Nevada. It is named after the late Nevada Governor John Sparks, a member of the Silver Party.

Sparks is located within the Reno–Sparks metropolitan area.

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