If you are a Sparks resident, you have the benefit of living in an area where weather conditions are extremely conducive to enjoying great landscaping features on your property. These might include an impeccably laid out lawn, flower beds, attractive hedges and bushes, stone-work elements such as cobbled pathways or wood-based trellises and fencing. Taking advantage of these elements, however, requires having the right Sparks landscaping company supporting you.

Adding Value Beyond Aesthetics

Not to unduly minimize the physical beauty aspect, professional landscaping offers several advantages, many of which go beyond mere aesthetic value. For instance, living in and around impeccably landscaped environments offers great mental satisfaction.

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There’s something about frequenting an area with lush green grass, color coordinated flowers, symmetrical hedges and bushes, and other landscaping elements, that offers tranquility and peace of mind.  It’s a feeling that Sparks residents might not get while window-shopping or cruising through streets lined with skyscrapers. And that’s one “soft” aspect of working with a professional Sparks landscaping company.


Tangible Value Through Good Landscaping

But beyond the mental and emotional uplift that great landscaping offers to property owners – be they residential, commercial or industrial properties – there are “hard” benefits to individuals and businesses from choosing the right landscaper:

  • Enhanced Property Values: Well-maintained landscaping enhances property values. If there are two equally-rated/valued properties (be they detached homes, condominium townhouses, commercial plazas, or industrial lots); it’s highly likely that the one with the better landscaping feature will command a premium price. And, in some cases, that premium might amount to a fair sum!
  • Professional Care: Lets face it: Even if you have the best green thumb in the world, you might not be a match for a team of professionally trained, experienced and qualified landscapers. That’s because, while you might spend a few hours a week pruning, weeding and soiling, employees at a professional Sparks landscaping company have spent their entire careers perfecting their craft.
  • Cost-Saving Solutions: Landscaping is an ever-evolving field, with new approaches introduced and older ones discarded. For instance, new science and discoveries mean that some landscaping features – such as specific bushes, seeds or physical structures – that were once acceptable, might now be environmentally unsafe, or not very ecofriendly. Additionally, implementing such solutions is costly, and they are expensive to maintain.


Unlike dedicated professionals in the business, most casual or untrained landscapers aren’t “plugged-in” with industry developments, and therefore may continue to offer solutions that aren’t cost-effective over a longer time horizon.


  • Dependable Services: Because your professional landscaper doesn’t typically operate as a single-person business, you’ll always be assured of dependable service: That Wednesday afternoon lawn moving in summer will happen on schedule – unless you call it off. And the project to lay a new brick walkway through your garden will happen on time and within budget. Even though materials and supplies arrive from multiple sources. You can depend on the professionals to take care of all the details, without having to work the phone yourself, or do a last-minute soil or sod run in your family car!

Finding Landscaping Value

The only way to find real value is to work with an experienced Sparks landscaping company. Legacy Landscaping not only delivers a one-window experience to its clients, but has consistently delivered value above and beyond expectations for every landscaping project.