When you have large expanses of back or front yard spaces, it’s easy to get your creative landscaping juices to flow. You can take inspired risks by experimenting with a multitude of ideas. However, not every resident in Sparks has acres upon acres of outdoor space available to indulge in, or fulfilling their landscaping vision. But, working with an experienced Sparks landscaping company can produce amazing results – even in tiny spaces!

Inspired Small Footprint Landscaping

Small spaces typically restrict the amount of liberty that professional landscapers can take when plying their trade. One reason is that it limits the landscaper’s ability to use too many contrasting or complementing features, like they could in a larger space. However, that won’t stop professionals at an experienced Sparks landscaping company from coming up with innovative landscaping designs.

Here are three ideas to include in your small back or front yard, or any other small outdoor space where landscaping might be required:

  • Stack ‘em Up

Even in a small space, you’ll likely have features such as walls, beams and pillars that landscapers can use to create amazing landscaping features. For instance, attach a trellis to a wall, and add creepers and vines to grow on them.

SOURCE: https://www.gettyimages.ca/detail/news-photo/people-stop-and-examine-the-living-wall-and-green-space-news-photo/543412498?adppopup=true


You can also use these features to create inspiring vertical gardens. Horizontal beams are a great place to add hanging baskets, while attaching pegs and shelves to pillars allows for using potted plants as a landscaping feature to your small spaces.

  • Fences

Before you think there’s not much you can do with your fences and boundary walls – think again! An experienced Sparks landscaping company can use barriers, dividing your property from your neighbors, creatively to produce eye-catching landscaping features in your small space.

SOURCE: https://www.gettyimages.ca/detail/news-photo/whitby-on-june-9-peas-start-to-grow-up-some-crossed-fencing-news-photo/539189764


The trick, however, is to make sure you pick the right types of plants, bushes or shrubs, to leverage the advantages of a fence or barrier. As an alternate, you can always add netting or linked-fencing to solid (wooden or brick) barriers that are more conducive to such growth.

  • Windows, Patios and Ledges

These are often forgotten spaces that most people never think of as having potential landscaping use. However, when integrated into an overall small footprint landscaping plan, features such as these add depth and character to tiny spaces.

SOURCE: https://www.gettyimages.ca/detail/photo/overflowing-window-boxes-royalty-free-image/1167636427


Adding a window planter underneath a window, or placing a carefully selected arrangement of flowers or shrubs in a pillbox on a ledge can fill empty spaces typically not used for landscaping purposes. Planting midget trees or dwarf plants or bushes, in the space between planters, can add symmetry to the overall landscaping.  A good Sparks landscaping company may even recommend crevice plants and other succulents that make great use of typically ignored spaces in your tiny back or front yard.

Making the Most of the Least

Small spaces may look daunting, from a landscaping point of view, but there’s no reason why they can’t give you as much pleasure as large well-maintained, sprawling gardens and lawns. At Legacy Landscaping we specialize in a host of landscaping ideas that make outdoors space – regardless of how large or small they me be – more inviting and livable.